L E S L I E   M C N A B B  
P I L A T E S  + R E S T O R A T I V E  E X E R C I S E


"Leslie is amazing.  She is innovative and fresh, and she challenges me in new ways based on the state of my body (and my mind). I feel healthier and stronger; I manage stress better, and my posture is straighter. I give her full credit for helping me find balance in my life. She is worth every penny I spend!  Leslie is a true professional and always positive. I highly recommend her."

Laura, age 44

"Leslie's wide breadth of Pilates knowledge, as well as all forms of fitness and training, inspires her to constantly add new exercises or a new piece of equipment to every session making it fresh and challenging. She had the difficult task of working with me after I had shoulder surgery, and when I broke my foot. She was able to gently work around my injuries, or add therapeutic exercises to keep me strong while I healed. In each case, her work noticeably sped up my recovery. I trust her implicitly when it comes to my all around physical health and training."

Katty, age 39