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P I L A T E S  + R E S T O R A T I V E  E X E R C I S E

Restorative Exercise™

Our population is increasingly in chronic pain from either inactivity or injury.  Both desk-bound and active lifestyles can lead some areas of the body to be overtaxed while other parts remain underused and vulnerable.

For many, joining a traditional exercise or physical therapy program doesn’t resolve the issue, and can even create more anxiety and pain.  Often what’s needed isn’t just strength or flexibility, but a reboot on how your brain controls your muscle tone and movements.

Drawn from our studies of Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Somatic Exercise, the Restorative Exercise program at PIVOT addresses chronic stiffness, ache, and pain that can happen regardless of age or fitness level.  

​Contract/release exercises are performed slowly to help retrain the brain/body connection.  Differentiation of physical sensations are attuned for better self-regulation and self-care, two very important components of managing chronic stiffness and pain.  As body awareness and control progress, more and more movements are added to help keep the body responsive and agile.

While this program is beneficial for everyone, it is especially helpful for those who have become afraid of movement for fear of causing pain or more injury.

Leslie teaches Restorative Exercise privately at PIVOT Pilates + Restorative Exercise near Union Square, NYC